21 Days to Less Stress Through Exercise


This is Art Lieberman.

A few years ago, a rep from my insurance provider told me that I needed to get fit. If I could hit certain metrics then my payments would go down by $80 a month. I needed that!

And he told me that I needed to exercise.

I wasn't too excited about that.

But I decided that I could walk. And I started.

That opened the door to a whole new world of fitness and exercise for me.

Not only did I become more fit, but I also began to handle classroom stress. After a "situation" my heart rate would drop right down to normal, fast. Before, it used to take 30 minutes or more.

Also, every time I went for a walk (and then later after a workout), I felt better. I could feel the stress evaporate into the atmosphere.

I was so excited that I wanted to share with others, so I started Stress Relief 4 Teachers.

This 21 day guide shows you exactly how I went from stressed to calm by exercising.

I hope you get everything and more that I got from it.

By the way, make sure to check with your doctor if you aren't sure if you should be doing this. I'll say this, I am all about doing things the easy way. Exercise does not need to be a pain.

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