11 (+1) Ways to Wake Up YOUR Students With Play Dough

Hi, Art Lieberman here.

So there I was trying to get students interested in learning the parts of a flower. This was a several day process that included dealing with diagrams and dissecting one too.

But I was losing my students.

Then like a cool breeze it came over me. Play dough.

Instead of drawing and worksheets, we modeled the flowers.

And it worked wonders.

Students who "didn't care," lit up in a big way. The affect on the students was exciting.

They did beautiful work as they modeled the flower. Consequently, when they dissected a flower a few days later they knew what they were doing. When they tested on the parts of the flower, they knew their stuff.

When they were finished, I took a pictures of their smiling faces holding their creations, and that's how they turned their work in.

I soon figured out that many lessons could be enhanced with play dough. The play dough came out several times throughout the year.

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