Upgrade Your Listening Skills To Become A Much Better Teacher Fast

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman, Texas middle school teacher.

I'm always looking for ways to "hack" teaching. What I mean is this: I like finding easy ways to get better.

Let me ask you this: who is the better teacher, the listener or the non-listener?

How about like this... Are you a better teacher when you listen well? Seriously.

Have you given up on this?

Okay, don't give up.

In two weeks, you can become a far better teacher just by getting better at listening.

It's fast. But it will take persistent work for about two weeks.

Look at it like this. Imagine you could have a class of students in your room that knew you listened to them, that you made them feel human.

Don't you think those students would be more interested in what you had to say?

I bet that would spark your teaching.

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