62 Mistakes Teachers Make And How To Avoid Them by Art Lieberman

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman.

Over the last 20 years or so, I've taught grades 6 through 12 at one time or another.

And during some of those years it was more pain than pleasure.

I started to pay attention to how to limit frustration, how to win over stress.

I learned a lot, so I started to tell everyone about it.

And I wrote down what I learned in this e-book.

In this book, I show you exactly how to take the stress level down,down, down.

Hey, when teaching brings more tears than giggles, you need answers. I did.

You need to know how you can change things quickly.

Download this e-book (epub and mobi included) to give you a resource you will depend on.


  • planning to make things work
  • how to build better relationships with parents
  • understanding students better
  • how to leverage Twitter to bring less stress (seriously!)
  • getting the most from other teachers
  • how screaming at kids kills your effectiviness
  • how to hook them
  • one way to make your lessons more powerful
  • winning through easy organization
  • how to not bore students
  • how to mine the vast resources of your own brain
  • when yes hurts you
  • how to make your principal your ally

And MUCH more.

Teaching can be rough. But it doesn't have to stay that way. You can start having less stress today.

Buy today for a free bonus e-book on how teachers can manage food for stress relief too. It's called Food For Stress Management: A Guide For Teachers.

You'll get 2 EPUB and 2 MOBI

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