Get Less Stress With Brain Breaks: Audio by Art Lieberman (mp3)

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman.

I'm a middle school teacher in East Texas.

I used to overwhelm my students with too much mental work and no relief. They would get stressed out and act out.

I got stressed out too.

Then, I started using brain breaks. Brain breaks are short activities students do to get their mind on something different. They relieve stress. Your stress and theirs.

In fact, I do the brain breaks with students. They like watching me do them too! I get my stress relieved because I'm doing the activity and because I'm doing something fun with the students.

Brain breaks are the simplest was to immediately make a difference with a challenging class. They work in the morning and in the afternoon after lunch.

I'll put it like this - I've seen teachers quit because they didn't know (or wouldn't try) these simple tricks for keeping students engaged.

Here's a fact: Foggy brains need a jump start. Your brain and theirs. This 40 minute audio discusses over twenty easy-to-do brain breaks. Here are the 4 kinds discussed in the audio:

  • Whole Body Movement - These are short full body activities that get the blood flowing again. Brain scans have shown a significant focus increase in learners who have had a physical brain break.
  • Group Cooperation Activities - Use these from the first days of school. Great for building classroom community. But they also stimulate the brain. Very engaging.
  • Quiet Hands and Fingers - These are fun, physical finger and hand challenges (some are too easy to be called challenges) that wake the brain up. Especially good for testing situations.
  • Mental Challenges - Mental puzzles to do with the whole class.

I recently taught a shortened version of this lesson to a group of 30 teachers (after their school day). They were chasing me out the door to get the notes. Over a week later, they were looking me up and telling me success stories about how it had worked - big smiles all around.

The audio comes with free bonus notes with links to many more activities.

Give your brain and your students' brains the break they need to be highly effective.

Listen to the audio while driving, walking, or exercising. If you miss something, you can back it up and listen again.

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