The Teacher's Classroom Workout


I am Art Lieberman, middle school teacher.

I had a huge struggle with mind numbing, heart pounding stress.

And I almost quit.

I saw a lot of teachers, good people, quit because they were so stressed.

Then, I discovered that I could do something about it.

One thing I could do was start getting some exercise.

I walked. I jumped on a mini-trampoline and got some exercise.

Sometimes, I exercised in my classroom, in my nice clothes.

These are the exact exercises I did in my own classroom. And they'll work for anyone.

This shows you how to turn your classroom into a space for quick and easy stress relieving mini-workouts.

Or if you are really adventurous, go for a full on gym-like workout.

I little exercise goes a long way to bringing calm back to you. Try it.

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