How To Teach Without Going Bonkers!

Dear Teacher, you might as well quit...

If you are just going to let stress make you miserable this year.

And I know what it’s like to be dirt-dog tired and wet-cat miserable. In over two decades of teaching, I have been at the point of quitting a number of times.

One time, it all seemed to come down to my relationship with one girl. She ignored me when I spoke to her. She talked when I taught. And she rolled her eyes and just kept doing what she wanted. I had file not found.

I physically started to panic when I saw her.

I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it because it sounded ludicrous. It was so embarrassing to have this girl push my buttons.

What made things worse was that I reacted badly. The whole class could see how I felt about her and how she was maneuvering me.

Even though it was clear to me that she started it, the class identified with her.

(That is just one story. Just add: dealing with RTI folders, teaching accommodations, ESL meetings, test analysis, and parents who think their child can do no wrong. )

But that experience with that girl did something good to me. I never wanted to have that happen again.

So I learned.

See, there ARE ways you and I can deal with the crushing workload, the constant feeling of overwhelm!

You can get both instant and long-term relief.

So I brought it together in one package. It’s not a book. It’s a full course. It is the result of years of research and experimentation.

I call it How To Teach Without Going Bonkers.

Here’s what you will learn by taking this course.

  • One thing you can do to find calm every single day

  • What to do when the workload seems like it’s about to crush you

  • That thing you can do every night that will make the next day better

  • How you can be your own best resource

  • How to take two weeks to work on this one skill to flip your teaching up to the next level

  • How 10 minutes can change your day

  • 1 trick that will make every student in your class feel better about being your student

  • Exactly how to get your students attention focused on the content you are teaching every day

  • How to use pop culture to help you teach what you want your students to know

  • Find out how teachers have an advantage over other professionals

  • More than 30 examples of things you can do to relieve your students’ stress and yours too, quickly

  • Know at least 10 different ways you can find out what your students know well before they take a test

  • Manage your time better so that it doesn’t manage you

  • Bring dignity and respect to every interaction with a child

  • Add activity to you lessons easily

  • Make other students jealous that they aren’t taking your class

  • Learn how to get better by using an easy trick that’s more powerful than affirmations

This course comes in four packets. You'll get the first one immediately then the rest will come in email form with links to audios, visuals, and sometimes videos.

You will get at least 3 classes each week with accompanying worksheets, visuals or videos.

There are 14 audios in all.

I decided to spread it out in 4 installments so that it will feel more manageable to you.

Of course you can always email me.

You'll get 4 PDF and 3 MP3

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