Fitness For Stress Management: A Guide For Teachers

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman,

I'm a Middle School teacher in East Texas.

And I felt like was about to die from overwhelm.

From what seems like a silly fluke, I started to exercise. (A health professional told me that I needed to start).

And I discovered the magic stress-relieving properties of exercise. Specifically walking.

And then I added body-weight training.

And anyone can do it. Any teacher.

There is no more instant (and healthy) way to relieve stress than to exercise.

And of course there are loads of other health benefits.

This book deals specifically with the stress reducing benefits of exercise.

Frustration and tears can be common place for teachers. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can bank on less stress by using the ideas in this volume.


  • how teachers have a fitness advantage over other professionals and how to realize it
  • how to use a quick 30 second exercise right in your classroom to banish your foggy brain
  • how to get all the exercise you need for free (or really cheap!)
  • strength exercises you can do in the car
  • how walking benefits you and brings calm
This e-book includes all this and more.

You'll get 1 EPUB and 1 MOBI

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