Food 4 Stress Relief - MP3

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman.

I've been teaching for over 20 years. Right now I teach middle school in Texas.

Early in my career, I had huge issues with mental fatigue and anxiety.

And for years I tried to eat whatever food I desired in the moment and it left me feeling bloated, tired, and cranky.

Then, out of sheer desperation, I changed what I was eating and began to feel better in a few days.

Now I can keep my energy up right to the last bell and beyond. I often find myself after school, on a stage, working with drama students.

And with that extra energy, I started working with teachers all over the world.

This MP3 audio is simply me sharing how I started stopping frustration by using food. I mean teaching frustration. Anxiety. Stress.

Learn to make food your friend and...

  • Deal With Multiple Demands By Increasing Your Overall Energy Level
  • Think Clearly From Bell to Bell
  • Give Students The Confidence That You Have What It Takes To Really Help Them
  • Enjoy Your Teaching Day And Life More
  • Make Smoothies That Jump-start Your Vitality

MP3s are great for listening while you walk, drive, or workout.

Let's talk more after you listen.

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