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Art Lieberman here. I am a middle school teacher. I have a generalist credential to teach all of the core subjects, so I am the "pinch hitter" of teachers. When one teacher leaves and a different kind of teacher joins our staff, it changes my position.

That can be stressful. But I've learned a bunch about how to make teaching more reasonable and fun.

A while ago, I realized that grades didn't give either me nor my students the feedback either of us needed. It wasn't sufficient information. So I started using different measures.

I know that the phrase "formative assessment" gets kicked around a lot, but I never felt satisfied with the term. I didn't understand it well enough.

So I decided to learn more.

I looked them up, studied them, and started using different ways to figure out what my students really know.

I call it feedback. I like for it to be fun.

Students who are having fun give me better feedback.

This is my audio lesson on Fun Feedback or normally called Formative Assessment.

The idea is to find out a lot more about what your students actually know and have fun in the process.

This download has two parts.

First, it comes with a full MP3 audio lesson that teaches you how to use Formative Assessments. Listen to it as many times as you need. I like to listen to audio books in my car. Think of this as a short audio book.

Second, it comes with a full set of notes with links to more information.

Can you be more effective by using better, more engaging forms of feedback in your classroom? Absolutely.

You'll get 1 MP3 and 1 PDF

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