10 Index Card Activities

Hi. I'm Art Lieberman, middle school teacher.

A few years ago, I was struggling with trying to connect with a 6th grade class. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and nothing was sticking.

Out of desperation, I pulled out a bunch of index cards I had sitting in my classroom cabinet.

And the classroom came alive.

I found that the cards were great for working all kinds of activities, sorting, arranging, concept maps, cutting, gluing.

They worked for students who just wanted to sit by themselves to study.

But they worked just as well for the ones who wanted to work with partners.

My artists who wanted to draw things woke up.

And my students who wanted to explain or debate also found excellent uses for index cards.

I put together some of my favorite index card activities.

By the way, I always ask for them from my department or go looking for them in the school supply closet. I rarely have to buy them.

I bet that will work for you too.

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