Food For Stress Management: A Guide For Teachers

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman. I teach middle school in Texas and it can be really stressful. Really.

One day, my insurance company requested (nicely) that I lose weight. So I started.

I learned about the miracle green smoothie.

I started eating salad every day at lunch. Good salads.

I started limiting the number of sodas I drink.

And I all but quit eating doughnuts.

I lost weight and found out that a lot of my stress went with it.

A lot.

I could think again.

Before, on those difficult days, I would feel like walking out and never coming back.

Now, my body and brain are able to handle those days.

And I'm still learning.

But getting the food working for me was foundational (my spell check doesn't like the word "foundational" but I do). Once my body was getting the nutrition I needed, I could start working on the mental side of stress.

It was such a big deal for me that I decided to write a book to share it with others.

Everything I learned about food for teachers is in this book. It's the product of my research and hard-won experience.

You can get this started easily.

Right now, I'll add in a full 45 minute lesson that you can listen to while you are reading. This MP3 covers the same ground as the book. Just use this coupon code when you check out to get the deal: LQIYLKZE.

Both are downloaded to you immediately.

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