The 62 Mistakes Teachers Make BUNDLE!

Hi, I'm Art Lieberman. I teach middle school in East Texas.

And what a pain it used to be.

Don't get me wrong; it's still hard. But through over 20 years, I learned so much and found joy.

Teachers work hard. I watch good teachers get frustrated --so frustrated that they walk away.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can limit this stress and find the joy in this very fun profession.

So I put together this exclusive bundle to help you be the teacher you know you are.

(and there's a 30 Day money back guarantee)


  • the full e-book, 62 Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them - This shows you (in short chapters) how to start enjoying teaching.
  • how to make administrators your ally - we can end up with more stress over this piece...
  • how to work well with parents - hint: let them know you love their kids
  • how to get students up, out of their seats, and moving - Why - because it's the quickest way to relieve their stress and yours too!
  • how to find out exactly what students like and how to use it to teach better lessons
  • how to supercharge your brain to solve teaching problems
  • how to keep students engaged - so they'll want to work...
  • how to get the most out of your relationships with other teachers

And that's just for starters...

  • with this bundle you get a full audio workshop on Brain Breaks - It's full of great activities that clears out the cobwebs.

And there's more...

  • a guide for using food to reduce stress - because if you can get your food working for you, the other stress reducers work so much better!
  • how to plan ahead to make your food work for you
  • how to get more nutrients into your diet that relieve stress.

We will offer this Teacher's Best Bundle as long as we can, for the same price as the book by itself.

That's a huge value for just $19.87!

Try it for 30 days. If you want your money back after 30 days, I'll give you a full refund.

You'll get 3 EPUB, 3 MOBI, 1 PDF and 1 MP3

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